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Easy Storage Solutions

7/7/2022 (Permalink)

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Spring cleaning is here! We’re flipping from fleece to tank tops and flip flops.  Now is a great time to clean out the closets and up our storage solution game.  Here are a few ideas to integrate into your seasonal cleaning.

-Glitter gets on everything you don’t want it but has become an on-trend beauty staple.  Keep it contained in salt shakers. These handy containers make it usable but not spreadable.

-Use bean bag chair covers to store stuffed animals.  They add a touch of colorful décor and keep everything organized.

-Put laundry supplies in cute storage containers.  Put them on open shelving and you’ve saved yourself vital cabinet space and made your laundry room look like it was created by an interior designer.

-Texas is all about barn yard chic.  Repurpose a thin ladder rack by leaning it against a wall to hang extra towels or throw blankets.

-Speaking of barn yard chic, repurpose old cans into cute herb planters, silverware holders or to add an antique touch to a desk.

-For pantry organizing, use an over the door shoe holder to hold snacks, seasoning packs or daily lunch prep.  You can also use magazine or file holders to organize plastic bags, cling wrap, or tin foil boxes.

-For mountains of scarves use shower curtain rings on a decorate wooden hanger.  It can be hung on a hook to add a splash of color or put in the closet for space saving.

-Put decorative perfume jars on displace on a wall mounted spice rack.  It adds a touch of sparkle and keeps everything organized.

-To keep a plethora of spray cleaning supplies organized and within easy access, add a small tension rod in your cleaning cabinet.  It adds an extra level of space and bottles can easily hang.  Best of all, no need to pull out the drill and install extra shelving!

-Save cabinet space by using a wall mounted coat rack to hang pots and pans.  For a more modern approach, install hooks.

-Prevent spills in your refrigerator by adding rotating food trays.  They reduce the need to reach to the back of the refrigerator.

-Fill a vase with coffee beans or rice to display makeup brushes or colorful tubes of lipstick.

-Put shelving above doors and add baskets or cubbies to hold seasonal items like candles, hats and gloves or scarves.

We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite easy storage solutions!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

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He played catch, put a worm on our hook while fishing and fixed our computer when it got a virus. Now it’s our turn to show dad how much we care on Father’s Day. Here’s a list of gifts sure to impress.

-A smart watch- He can see incoming calls and texts, control music and check his heart rate when we aggravate him all from his wrist.

-A DIY kit- They have everything out now that dad can learn to make at home. Go for whiskey, gin or rum for the dad with a bar. For the at home chef, go for the sushi, hot sauce or donut making kit.

-A beard care kit- Beards are back and a kit to keep dad’s looking majestic is just the thing he needs.

-A Bluetooth speaker or ear buds- These are perfect for fishing, working out or just working in the garage.

-Upgrade his golf balls- Dad is always budgeting to keep us in the best gear so show you care by giving him a set of the best flying golf balls.

-Soaps or candles in masculine scents- He may not admit to using them but he will and you’ll know it when he visits and smells like 100% dad.

-A multitool- For the dad that fixes everything on the fly, a good multitool is perfect. He’s the MacGyver of the little league team.

-A record player- Retro is in and now he can listen to the records of his favorite artist from way back when.

-A gift card- For that dad who has or buys himself everything, save him a few bucks and go for a gift card that he can use at any time.

-A custom mini whiskey barrel- They come in several table top sizes but are perfect for storing his favorite bourbon or whiskey.

-Tickets to his favorite event- Make sure to get yourself one and spend some quality time cheering on his favorite team.

-Spices for grilling- For the dad who spends his weekend grilling up goodies, up his spice game with a new set of spices.

-T-shirt, framed print or mug- For the resident cat dad in your life, get him a custom item with his best friend on it.

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Summer Home Preparation

4/22/2022 (Permalink)

Pink and Green fruit ice cream bars on a white background Need remodeling? We can help! Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Summer is right around the corner which means warmer temperatures, thunderstorms and backyard parties. Make sure your home is ready and efficient with these helpful tips.

-Get your air conditioning system checked- Get the coils cleaned, vents cleaned and change out your air filter.

-Upgrade your thermostat- Go for something energy efficient that can keep your home at a constant temperature.  Several models on the market are even smart enabled so they can tell you how to keep your home the most efficient and adjust for you.

-Check for damage- Make sure windows seal properly and are caulked, check your roof and make sure there isn’t any damage or leaks from winter storms and make sure doors close and lock.  We underestimate these things with such mild winters in Texas.

-Inspect your fence- With warmer temperatures, kids and pets are going to want to spend more time outdoors.  Make sure your fence is prepared for the dog potentially digging or thunderstorms with higher winds. 

-Clean out flower beds- You’ll want to wait for soil to be 60-70 degrees before planting, but now is a great time to start adding nutrient to soil and removing any weeds or debris.

-Maintain your inground sprinkler system- Make sure you don’t have any leaking pipes or clogged sprinkler heads.

-Pull out your patio furniture- Most patio cushions have removable covers that can be thrown in the washing machine. You can also use vinegar or detergent with water to clean the cushions and frames.  Make sure to rinse thoroughly and air dry everything before use.

-Inspect your grill- Check all hoses, propane level and that everything is ready for use.  To clean, turn on a high heat for a few minutes and use a mild soap and water to clean or check your owner’s manual for product specific cleaning methods.

-Clean out your gutters- Cleaning your gutters eliminates a hub for critters and pest. It also keeps water flowing away from your home preventing damage to your foundation.

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Spring Planting in Texas

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

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Spring has sprung! Now is a great time to start planting in Texas.  Make sure that the soil is in the upper 60’s to low 70’s and to plant before it gets too hot.  Here is our recommended list for spring planting.


Make sure to prepare your soil with rich nutrients.  Soil loves compost and other organic materials.  You can finish it off with rotted barnyard manure.  If you can’t get your soil ready in time, consider building raised beds and just adding nutrient rich premade soil and manure. You can easily see if your soil is at the right moisture level by grabbing a handful and if it can be formed into a ball, then it’s too wet.  If it crumbles, then you are good to go.


Oregano, peppermint, catnip, basil, lemon, verbena, lemon grass, fennel, lemon balm, horseradish, remarry and thyme


Tomatoes, snap beans, radishes, cucumbers, corn, lima beans, mustard, peppers, squash, watermelon, southern peas, okra, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, black-eyed peas, pole or bush green beans, sweet corn, spinach and beets


Mexican sunflowers, zinnias, celosias, cosmos, mealy blue sage, sky flowers, hibiscus, blue imperial and wildflowers

The spring is also a great time seed or plant a lawn as well as plant shrubs.  For a lawn make sure to mow it to prevent weeds seeding and to leave clippings on it unless it has weed seeds.  For shrubs, make sure to mulch and weed around to prepare them for warmer weather.

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Vacation Safety Tips

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Beach chairs sitting in the sand with the text "Vacation Safety Tips" floats above Vacation season is right around the corner. Follow our tips for safe and stress free travels.

Travel season is right around the corner and right now is a great time to book some great deals.  Make sure to follow some of our safety tips while out exploring the world.

-Don’t post on social media- Save posting the dozens of photos until you get back.  Announcing to the world that you are out of your home for an extended period of time makes your home more vulnerable to robberies even if you think your profiles are locked down.

-Tell a neighbor- Keep your neighbor or neighbors in the loop so that they can keep an eye on anything suspicious.  If someone is feeding pets in the home, ask them to rotate turning on lights so it always appears that someone is home and make sure to lock all windows and doors.  You can also give someone a key or remotely open a door to avoid having to hide an extra key outside.

-Sanitize- Your immune system may have built up an immunity to germs and viruses prevalent to your home but while visiting other cities or countries, that may not be the case so pack sanitizing wipes and make sure to wash your hands frequently.  Also, depending on how you travel, mask may be mandatory to be worn for long periods of time. Make sure they are comfortable and fit appropriately.

-Research- Research cultural norms or learn bits and pieces of the language if visiting foreign countries to avoid sticking out or insulting local residents.  You can also find some of the safest areas to visit and places to avoid.

-Never carry everything together- Never carry cash, credit cards, ID and passport in the same carrying case.  Runner’s belts are great because they can be worn under clothing and are great for stashing cash and an ID or small bits of jewelry.

-Make copies- Make sure to make a copy of your ID, passport and credit cards in case anything gets lost.  By having copies, you can sometimes request new documents online and save yourself hours of waiting in long lines and can be used as emergency documentation in case of an emergency.

-GPS trackers- GPS trackers are great to put on luggage in case it gets lost, a purse if it gets stolen, on the belt loop of a child that gets lost exploring or if you are prone to losing your car keys.  Most are smart enabled so it’s just a matter of logging into an app to find the object or person.

-Bring appropriate weather items- Walking for long periods of time?  Bring the correct shoes. Going out for a late night of dancing?  Pack a spare pair of flats.  Also consider things like sunscreen, umbrella or pocket poncho for unpredictable weather.

-Travel with a buddy- Traveling alone can be a ton of fun but traveling with a friend or companion is always the safest option in a city or country you aren’t familiar with.

-Travel insurance- Consider purchasing travel insurance. It can help with medical bills and even transportation and lodging if you get stuck due a medical emergency.  A good policy will even book the flights for you and may cover missed excursions or events that had already been purchased but were missed due to the emergency.

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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

Hearts with Valentine's Day Date Ideas text and the SERVPRO of Greater Waco Logo Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Waco is home to unique fun places that even cupid would approve of.

Stuck trying to find something a little more fun than just dinner and super market flowers for Valentine’s Day?  Say no more, because we have you covered with some unique ideas that are sure to be a hit with your sweetie.

-Painting with a Twist- Bring your favorite beverage and sip and paint along with instructors to create a keepsake masterpiece to remember for years to come.  They offer plenty of love themed options through the month of February and couples themed painting nights.  Undecided on which one you want to sign up for? Visit during an open studio night and pick any painting!

-Wino stole your heart? Check out a wine or brewery tour with Waco Wine Tours, where you will get to enjoy tastings, a light meal and see how they are made depending on your tour selection.  Book in groups or go all out with romance and book a private tour.

-For something more traditional, The Olive Branch is hosting a valentine’s dinner on Saturday Feb. 12 from 6-9 PM that includes a 4-course meal featuring prime beef filet and Italian love cake. It’s sure to impress even the pickiest foodie in your life.

-Feeling frisky this Valentine’s Day?  Visit the Cameron Park Zoo for their Wild About You Picnic on February 12 and 13.  The package includes admission to the zoo, lunch for 2 catered by Jon Lilies Steakhouse, 4 drink tickets, a picnic basket and a scavenger hunt around the zoo that benefits the education department.

-Looking to get away without the having to spend a day traveling?  Go glamping with Brazos Bluffs Ranch.  They also offer cabins, horseback riding and wagon rides.

-Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Take a class at Homestead Heritage through Plough Share. They offer everything from bread making and pottery classes to poultry raising and blacksmithing.

-Ever wanted to party on a bicycle?  Waco Pedal Tours has you covered with a u-shaped bar that takes you to three bars downtown.  Now that’s romantic!

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Winter Storm Preparation

12/16/2021 (Permalink)

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Winter storm 2021 left 70% of Texans without electricity with nearly 4.5 million homes and businesses without power causing an estimated $295 billion in damage across the state.  If the storm taught us anything, it was to prepared for the worst.  Here are some tips to help you prepare before 2022 potentially hits.

-Consider purchasing a propane cook stove.  While you can’t cook with them indoors due to the carbon monoxide produced, they are a great alternative for when the power goes out to cook regular meals and can be used throughout the year for camping. They are also small enough store in a closet.

-Make sure to have at least one gallon of water per person, per day.

-Always have backup cash.  While credit and debit machines may be down, most places can still take cash payment for essential items.

-Cell phone chargers and back up battery packs.  Backup battery packs have become affordable and are great for an emergency to make sure you always have emergency power and outreach.

-Baby wipes.  During any sort of power outage, they are the perfect wipe down in a pinch that’s also gentle on skin

-Kitty litter, sand or rock salt.  Another multiuse item is kitty litter and sand.  Salt isn’t always readily available in the south but kitty litter is usually easily obtainable and great for creating safe, walkable pathways through ice covered sidewalks.

-A 7-day supply of medications- While pharmacies may be open, roads may be too treacherous to obtain them or mail and other delivery services may be unavailable.

-Make sure to have extra pet food and supplies. If you’re cold, so are your pets.  Make sure to keep old towels or extra blankets to keep pets warm but also stock up on food, water and medication, just like you would do for yourself along with a leash or pet carrier in case of potential relocation or evacuation.

-Extra coats, blankets, sweats or any sort of clothing that can be layered for everyone in the home. Layering helps maintain your core body temperature and adds an extra, easily removable layer from the snow and wind.

-Emergency contact information written down for each family member along with copies of health insurance information. If separated, having individual copies makes easy access for emergency personnel and you aren’t reliant on electricity for access.

- Emergency food supply. While a 3-day supply is normally recommended, winter storm 2021 taught us that a week may be necessary.  Things like instant potatoes can be made with warm water, meals ready to eat are high in calorie and keep a long shelf life with no cooking necessary or canned items may be eaten without even needing to warm them.  Things like tuna fish in a pouch are higher in protein and easy to carry in an evacuation.

-Extra batteries. Always make sure to have extra batteries for a portable radio, lights and lanterns.

-Lights and lanterns. Candles should be a last resort when the electricity goes out because of a fire hazard. Lights and lanterns are also more effective and safer to check breaker boxes in case of an electrical malfunction when electricity is restored.

-Extra hygiene and sanitation supplies. Things like no rinse body wash, dry shampoo and baby wipes are all great options to keep on hand with no electricity or water available.

-Fire pit or alternate heating method.  Fire pits aren’t just great for the summer backyard entertaining but can also multitask for outdoor eating and heating for a winter storm.  Make sure to get a model with a grill and rated for cooking to prevent damage and to only use it outdoors and at least 6 feet from anything flammable.

-Make sure to have your chimney cleaned and inspected now before winter weather occurs and should be done yearly.

-Make sure to have an emergency supply kit along with emergency contact information in your vehicle. While Texans usually get a warning, winter weather can strike at an instant and Texas roads are not made for it, leaving you potentially stranded until emergency personnel can respond.

-If traveling becomes necessary during or right before a winter storm, make sure to have a full gas tank.  Traffic 48 hours before winter storm 2021 became highly congested and extended even the shortest trips, last winter.

-Check the caulking around windows and doors and keep extra towels to put at the base of doors.  It’s a simple way to make sure your home stays well insulated and should be checked once a year for basic home maintenance.

-Keep a roll of plastic for emergency insulation.  Placing it over windows can help keep cold air out without breaking the bank.

-Molasses in water for outdoor animals- A small amount in a dog’s bowl can prevent water from freezing, just make sure to avoid artificial sweeteners.  ½ a cup of molasses added to 50 gallons of water can also help prevent sheet ice from forming in water for larger animals like horses and cattle.  The key is to mix it with a few gallons of warm water. The sweetness encourages them to drink water during colder weather and makes fiber in feed more digestible while preventing colic.  As always, make sure to check with your veterinarian before adding any supplements to food or water for your animals.

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Veterans Day 2021

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

Woodlands background with the words "Thank You Veterans" and the SERVPRO of Greater Waco logo Today we give thanks to all of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and guardians for their sacrifice to this great nation.

In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11 as the first Armistice Day honoring those who fought in World War I but it wasn’t until 1938 that congress passed a resolution for an annual observance known as Armistice Day, or as we know it, as Veteran’s Day with the first national holiday being celebrated on November 11, 1938. This day gives thanks to Veterans who served their country during war or peacetime.

It originated from the signaling of the end of World War I on “the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month”. While the original day was originally set aside to honor veterans of World War I, that quickly changed with World War II and was officially changed to Veterans Day on June 1, 1954, to honor veterans of all wars with President Dwight D. Eisenhower issuing the first Veterans Day Proclamation on October 8, 1954.

 "In order to insure proper and widespread observance of this anniversary, all veterans, all veterans' organizations, and the entire citizenry will wish to join hands in the common purpose. Toward this end, I am designating the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs as Chairman of a Veterans Day National Committee, which shall include such other persons as the Chairman may select, and which will coordinate at the national level necessary planning for the observance. I am also requesting the heads of all departments and agencies of the Executive branch of the Government to assist the National Committee in every way possible."

To encourage travel and recreational activities, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday in October in 1968 due to the Uniform Holidays Bill. By 1975 President Gerald Ford moved the holiday back to November 11 due to the historical significance of the day.

Other countries that celebrate Veterans Day or Remembrance Day are Great Britain, France, Australia and Canada on or near November 11, to signify the end of World I and World War II.

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning text with an emoji version of a dryer with the SERVPRO logo Need your vents cleaned? Get your dryer vent cleaned by the professionals. Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Dryers work by injecting warm air into a spinning or tumbling drum and evaporating the moist air out of clothing.  The moisture has to go somewhere, so it’s released through the dryer vent system. The vent system also collects dirt, debris and lint and over time, can become clogged.

Clogged dryer vents also cause part of the 15,970-washing machine and dryer fires per year.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, 92% of those are caused by dryers. To an extreme, they can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

On the annoying side, a clogged dryer vent also means longer drying times and straining the system. It can also cause excessive wear on clothing and increase your energy bill.

Depending on how extensive your vent system is you may be able to do it yourself with these few steps:

  1. Find your vent and disconnect your dryer.  It’s usually a 4-inch metal tube that runs from your dryer, through the wall and vents to the outside of your home.  Remove any clamps and gently remove the vent pipe from the exhaust.
  2. Using a shop vac or vacuum with a hand-held option, vacuum out any dirt or debris.  Vent cleaning kits are available but be careful to not damage the duct work and they may not reach to the exterior of the home.
  3. Finally, clean up any debris and reconnect your system.  It’s also a great opportunity to check any clamps or components and make sure they aren’t worn out. Also, if you have a foil style vent, you may want to upgrade to aluminum.

By following these few steps, you can enjoy a more efficient dryer and keep your home safe. 

Need your  vents cleaned? Get your dryer vent cleaned by the professionals. Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Helpful Hints if you ever experience a Business Fire

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Image of an office with a fire overlay with the SERVPRO logo Experience a fire at your office? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

A fire anywhere can be a traumatic experience, but when it hits your business, it can mean a loss of income for yourself, employees and your lifeline of financial survival. By keeping a level head and following a few steps, your business can come out unscathed.

  1. Take a deep breath and begin going over your contingency plan.  Careful planning before a major event will help alleviate additional stress and keep you on an organized path throughout the chaos.
  2. Take photos and document as much as possible.  The professionals at SERVPRO of Greater Waco utilize 360-degree photo technology to survey the entire structure while documenting every inch of the loss. Make sure to keep any receipts for expenses related to the fire and begin to collect important documents.  Things like proprietary business documents, employee files and insurance paperwork are all things you may need. If you question the need to keep it, keep it.  It’s better to have too much than to accidently throw away that one form you might need.
  3. Call your insurance company.  A quick response means they can begin to file your claim faster and set you up to begin the process of recovery.  You may also want to check if you have business interruption insurance.  Depending on the policy, you may have funds available for specific business expenses incurred from the fire.
  4. Contact your network. Contact any vendors, employees or customers that may be impacted by the shutdown. Delay or cancel any pending deliveries and go over your contingency plan with employees.  
  5. Secure the facility.  If structurally sound, consider boarding up windows or locking the facility to prevent any secondary damage or looting of the facility. Also, make sure anything of value has been removed from the building, Things like important documents, hard drives (even damaged ones) or equipment that can be of value secondhand

Experience a fire at your office? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

SERVPRO of Greater Waco: Heroes Wanted!

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Now Hiring Sign Come join our team at SERVPRO of Greater Waco!

Stuck in a dead-end job, and ready to make a career change that really makes a difference? With competitive pay and a quick promotion schedule consider joining the SERVPRO of Greater Waco team!  We’re currently on the lookout for motivated and dependable people to join our production technician team.

As a production technician, you’ll have the opportunity to help your community through emergency restoration, mitigation, and cleaning. The best part? We provide skilled training and industry licensing to help you succeed while providing a 40-hour work week and the opportunity for overtime.

Worried about economic shifts or natural disasters impacting your career?  Not at SERVPRO of Greater Waco.  Through all of the turmoil, SERVPRO has thrived and provided emergency services to those most impacted without having to rely on massive layoffs to survive all while being a locally and independently owned and operated SERVPRO franchise.

Essential functions:

-Explain processes and answer customer’s questions

-Perform production processes, as scheduled, and ensure quality control

-Time management

-Clean and maintain vehicles, equipment, warehouse and office area

-Use equipment and materials appropriately

-Ability to travel locally or out of state when necessary


-High school diploma or GED

-Ability to regularly lift 50 pounds and the ability to lift 100 pounds with assistance

-Experience in cleaning/restoration preferred

-IICRC certifications preferred

-Walking and standing for long periods of time

-Ability to climb ladders and work at ceiling height

-Ability to work in tight spaces (ex: crawl spaces)

-Repetitive pushing/pulling/lifting/carrying objects

Think these qualities sound like you? Send your resume to  We look forward to having you join our team!

Team Accomplishments at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

Graphic illustration congratulating SERVPRO of Greater Waco team members on accomplishing their water mitigation licensing Congratulations to Jared Scott, Jenifer Calhoun, Ryan Jones on their IIRC Water Restoration Technician certification

Congratulations to Jared Scott, Jenifer Calhoun, Ryan Jones, and other team members for obtaining their Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, Water Restoration Technician certification.

Jared is a Production Technician at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco and has been a part of the SERVPRO of Greater Waco family for several months. He is married with 2 children with a baby boy on the way. He brings in a background as a production lead with experience in OSHA, FEMA and Hazmat. In his free time, Jared enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, and being outdoors.

Jenifer is a Job File Coordinator at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco. She served in the United States Air Force and most recently worked in e-commerce.  She is a graduate of Subsea Robotics and is also a certified fiber optic installer.  In her free time, you can find Jenifer officiating high school football, roller derby, and spending time with her family.

Ryan is a Production Technician with SERVPRO® of Greater Waco. He served in the United States Marine Corps and was most recently a chef. In his free time, you can find Ryan at the local horseshoe pit, throwing darts, or spending time on the water.

SERVPRO® of Greater Waco provides training, continuing education, and requires that all of our technicians obtain professional licenses and certifications to ensure the highest quality in our work. We believe that a high level of training and experience in our staff equates to success in the field of restoration and mitigation.

The IICRC, sets the national and industry standard for cleaning and restoration. Whether you call the office or are at your home on a job site, anytime you see a SERVPRO of Greater Waco professional, you know that you are in the hands of an industry standard licensed professional.

Need A Water Restoration Company? Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 254-224-5999

Who You Gonna Call? CALL SERVPRO!

12/25/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Greater Waco truck SERVPRO of Greater Waco is ready and on-call 24/7

SERVPRO ofGreater Waco specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Let us take the worry out of emergency. You can be assured that our technicians will explain the process from start to finish so you know exactly what is going on in your home. Our crews are highly trained in applied structural drying, fire and smoke damage restoration, lead based paint activities and restoration and many more. We use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are local, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the overall restoration cost. We’re available 24/7 so night or day, we are just a call away at 254-224-5999 for your emergency restoration needs.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Waco and the surrounding areas, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flood disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,750 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams , that are strategically located throughout the United States. We recently were able to collect additional air movers that required over 100 units and still support other emergency service requests in the area. When emergencies strike, we make solutions happen.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today 254-224-5999

A Higher Standard of Clean- Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Shield Logo Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Shield Logo

There’s never a convenient time for Covid-19 contamination to strike your commercial property.  Every hour spent cleaning and sanitizing is an hour of lost revenue, productivity and potential infection.  So, when the need arises for professional cleaning and sanitation, leave it to the professionals of SERVPRO Greater Waco for your biohazard cleanup needs with our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned for next level professional cleaning service. Our goal is to leave your customers, employees and community members rest assured that a business cleaned by SERVPRO Greater Waco is a “Higher Standard of Clean”.

We have the training and expertise to respond promptly with highly trained technicians to get your property back to business in a clean and safe environment with technicians on-call 24/7. Our cleaning follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s parameters to ensure you come back to a safe environment and goes above and beyond normal janitorial cleaning. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the SERVPRO shield window decal with the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned emblem along with date of sanitize and disinfection. This gives your customers proof that you’ve went above and beyond for your Covid-19 cleaning procedures to ensure their safety during these trying times.  We’re all in this together but let SERVPRO Greater Waco take some of the stress of next level sanitation off your list.

A Covid-Free Holiday Season

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Holiday lights and decorations illustrating the holiday season Christmas tree in Waco Texas with illuminating twinkle lights and ornaments

While this time of year everyone has done the gobble til’ they wobble, SERVPRO Greater Waco is on emergency standby for Aunt Greta’s famous, “it’s ready when the smoke alarm tells me”, pie. What people may not know is this year’s mission is even much more extensive with the spread Covid-19. We are here to make your home Covid free and clean with our biohazard professionals ready to clean and disinfect according to protocols set by the CDC. Here are some tips from to make your holiday, virus free.

  • Host outdoor activities rather than indoor activities as much as possible. If hosting an outdoor event is not possible, and you choose to host an indoor event, avoid crowded, poorly ventilated, or fully enclosed indoor spaces.
  • Increase ventilation by opening windows and doors to the extent that is safe and feasible based on the weather.
  • Provide or encourage attendees to bring supplies to help you and others stay healthy. For example, extra masks (do not share or swap with others), hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, and tissues.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol).
  • Host activities with only people from your local area as much as possible.
  • Avoid contact with anyone who is sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces and any shared items between use when feasible. Use EPA approved disinfectants.
  • Avoid large group settings

From our families, to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season.

McGregor, Texas - Old C3 Communications Building

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

two rows of cubicles With our prompt response to this call we were able to dry out the affected materials to prevent secondary damage.

The gulf coast continues to receive copious amounts of rain as tropical storms loom in what weather experts have predicted to be an extremely active hurricane season. Locally, we have received some much needed rain, ending the burn ban placed on McLennan county. All this rainfall has also resulted in more calls from homeowners and businesses seeking water mitigation services due to a leak in the roof and flooding stemming from a drain malfunction.

We were contacted by the City of McGregor for water mitigation for the unoccupied structure where C3 communications was once housed. On arrival, crew members noted that the commercial grade carpet was soaked below the source of damage and that ceiling tiles had fallen about the cubicles and office chairs. To prevent possible injury, unsalvageable ceiling tiles were removed and bagged. Once equipment was placed on the first day, our technicians would return for equipment checks to monitor the drying process. In some cases, holes must be drilled to facilitate the drying of walls, but this was not necessary for this job as no walls had been affected.

Car Dealership HVAC Leak

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

A puddle of water on a dark tiled floor and yellow slip hazard signs This was as slippery as it looks.

We were called to an auto dealership here in Waco after their HVAC had leaked onto the floor and carpet in the showroom and into several offices. Upon arrival, we noted the musty smell in the air and the slip hazards as we began to scope the damage. In the HVAC closet, our technicians used extractors to suck up the water that had pooled under the unit and then began the process of removing affected drywall and insulation. Other puddles around the primary affected areas were also promptly extracted to prevent a slipping accident. Once all the water had been extracted, air movers were placed to dry the remaining studs and a dehumidifier was placed to pull the excess moisture out of the air. It did not take long to dry and we are now in the reconstruction process for this job.

In Search of a Leak in Hewitt, TX

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

A man standing on a roof of a metal building spraying water from a hose onto the side of the building Sometimes we have to create the environment for leaks to appear in order to make repairs.

Sometimes our clients contact us because there is evidence of a water loss but they are unable to find the source of the damage. This is where our creative problem solving comes into play. For this Hewitt area business, it was necessary for us to access the roof and spray water onto the area the leak appeared to be coming from while another person was inside of the building looking for the opening. We discovered a tear in the TPO (or thermoplastic polyolefin), a roofing membrane which water would seep through every time it rained. Once we identified the source we were able to begin repairs and ensure that the structure was dried.

With an open line of communication between the client and ourselves, we were able to have the repairs completed in a timely fashion so that it was business as usual in no time at all. 

Proactive Cleaning for Home and Work

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro certified clean Call your trusted professionals, we are available 24/7

During this unprecedented time, SERVPRO of Greater Waco is here to help with your cleaning and disinfecting needs.  The coronavirus pandemic has affected the ways we operate and conduct our businesses.  Having professionally trained specialists adhering to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards should put SERVPRO of Greater Waco at the top of you list if you are in need of cleaning and sanitizing services.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set protocols for cleaning and disinfecting your home or business that SERVPRO will follow.  We will go beyond the scope of regular janitorial staff, and we have years of experience dealing with bioremediation. 

The CDC recommends cleaning of surfaces that are touched often such as door knobs, tabletops, light switches, counters, bathroom fixtures, handrails, toilets, tablets, phones, and keyboards. Other areas discussed in the CDC’s commercial spaces guide include:  bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, retail spaces, shelving, fitness equipment, carpets and rugs, and playground equipment.

SERVPRO of Greater Waco also has the recommended EPA approved cleaning products with claims against similar pathogens to Covid-19.  We will follow all guidelines provided by local authorities and the CDC.

For questions for proactive cleaning, or any other type of cleaning or sanitizing call your trusted professionals at SERVPRO of Greater Waco any time at (254) 224-5999

COVID-19 and You

3/11/2020 (Permalink)

A green frog plush posed as if blowing his nose on a kleenex For more information about COVID-19 and for current updates, follow the CDC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Concerns are widespread about coronavirus disease 2019 in our community, so naturally we went directly to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help understand the virus, prevention and what individuals who discover they are sick can do. Here are a few things from we found especially informative:

What is the source of the virus? According to, COVID-19 is from a family of coronaviruses that cause illness in humans while others affect animals. Genetic analysis of COVID-19 says it originated in bats but they are unsure how it jumped into humans. (For more info about the source and spread of the virus go HERE.)

How can I help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19? Currently there is no vaccine to prevent contracting coronavirus disease 2019, but there are ways to prevent the spread of it such as:

  • Avoid close contact with individuals who are sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Cover your cough, sneeze and throw all tissue in the trash
  • Clean and disinfect areas and objects that are frequently touched with household cleaning spray or wipes
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (About the length of the song “Happy Birthday”)
    • After going to the bathroom
    • Before eating
    • After blowing your nose
    • After coughing
    • After sneezing
  • If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty
  • The CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from COVID-19, only when a healthcare professional recommends it. Use of facemasks are crucial for people who have COVID-19 to protect others from becoming infected, for health workers and other people who come into close contact with individuals who are sick.

Though there are no disinfectants that are specific to COVID-19, the CDC recommends labeled hospital-grade disinfectants that are effective against similar viruses. 

SERVPRO® of Greater Waco professionals are trained in adhering to the highest cleaning/sanitation standards provided by the CDC and local authorities. SERVPROXIDE is an EPA certified, hospital-grade disinfectant that has been found to be effective against viruses similar to Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces.

We cannot prevent or eradicate the virus, but if asked, we will perform the necessary bioremediation services to clean, disinfect and sanitize your property. 

For more information about COVID-19 and for current updates, follow the CDC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hand washing Can Be FUN!

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

a child washes their hands with soap For updates and more information, follow the CDC at

There are always public concerns regarding germs, the common cold and the safety of the very young, the very old and those with suppressed or compromised immune systems. The simplest and most effective way to help protect these individuals and the general public is ensuring that proper hand-washing procedures are being utilized.

Much of this training begins at home, so we wanted to provide some support for parents and kids to help promote proper hand-washing procedures.

Here's what the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention suggest to help:

  • Teach kids the five easy steps for hand-washing:
    • wet
    • lather
    • scrub
    • rinse
    • dry
  • The key times to wash hands:
    • after using the bathroom
    • before eating
  • You can find ways to make it fun, like making up your own hand-washing song or turning it into a game.

For more information on the importance of hand-washing, check out

Commercial Facility Types: PART I

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

Just as SERVPRO® of Greater Waco provides water and fire remediation for residential structures, we also provide the same for commercial properties as well. Our industry categorizes large facilities into four types: industrial, institutional, complex residential and commercial.

General Industrial

Per the IICRC S500, an industrial building is primarily used for manufacturing or distribution. General industrial typically includes facilities that process food, in manufacturing, high tech, metal processing and pulp and paper firms. Some examples of these are breweries, food packaging, electronics, automotive, factories and refineries. Other types of buildings included are warehouse and storage facilities and agricultural facilities.


Institutional facilities are primarily used in forms such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, sport complexes, airports and libraries. These also include structures used for public assembly such as convention centers and theaters as well as religious buildings that are used for worship, study and fellowship.

Continue reading next blog: Commercial Facility Types: PART II

Post-Holiday Clean Up

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

Desktop keyboard with a Santa hat on it, ornaments and candy canes are nearby as well as a yellow beverage in a clear glass "Like it never even happened."

Holiday celebrations will be over soon and homes and businesses will be filled with reminders of good times and warm memories. We may not want to keep all of these little reminders, however. Like the time that jar of salsa spilled on the carpet or when the dog ran in and shook itself in the hallway after having a nice muddy romp outside.

We offer general cleaning services here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco that include but are not limited to:

Vacuuming (to remove pine needles, scraps from gifts, Styrofoam flakes, glitter, spray on snow, food crumbs, animal hair, tracked in soil/leaves)

Carpet cleaning (spot cleaning, accident stains, coffee, wine, food, soil and more)

Laundering (table and bed linens, dry-cleaning items)

Sanitization (food prep areas, kitchen, dining, living areas, bathrooms)

Wall wipe down (hand smudges from foot traffic, spills, dust)

Clean large appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer)

HVAC cleaning

Deodorization (by room or a whole building)

Let us help you make it #likeitneverevenhappened and get your home restored for the New Year!

Oh, Christmas Tree: Safety

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

A side by side comparison of a Christmas tree and a burnt Christmas tree in a home. Water your Christmas tree, safety first!

It’s December and many homes have their Christmas decoration decking the halls in true holiday spirit. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), between 2011 and 2015, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 200 home fires that began with a Christmas tree. (See Fact Sheet HERE.) Dried out trees are a fire hazard and should be properly maintained during the month of December and disposed of properly after Christmas (or when it is dry). If you’ve never watched the live Christmas tree burn conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), follow the link HERE to watch a minute and a half video on how quickly a dried-out Christmas tree fire burns in comparison to a well-watered tree.

Here are a couple pointers from the NFPA to help you stay fire safe during this holiday season:

  1. Pick a fresh tree; less dry, less flammable
  2. Cut 2” off the base of the trunk before placing in water; water daily
  3. Keep away from heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces, candles and even lights.
  4. Use lights with a recognized testing lab label; use accordingly if meant for indoor or outdoor use
  5. Replace lights with broken cords, loose bulb connections and ensure that manufacturer’s instructions are followed when connecting several strands of Christmas lights
  6. Also, the 20th century called to remind us to PLEASE NOT use candles on Christmas trees.


End of Year Commercial Cleaning

11/29/2019 (Permalink)

A Christmas tree in the background, a green delivery truck ornament is hanging by a red ribbon Let us help make your place of business New Year ready

‘Tis the season for end of year celebrations and potlucks in the workplace which may leave your carpets and furniture looking less than prepared for the New Year. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen needing a heavy-duty cleaning or carpeting needing to be cleaned, here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco, we are equipped to your commercial cleaning needs. Check out some of the services we provide that you may find useful in getting your business New Year ready:

  • Carpet cleaning for stains from spills and tracked in mud
  • Furniture cleaning for office seating
  • Cleaning of walls
  • Content cleaning
  • Deodorization

We will work with you and your budget to build your personalized estimate and ensure there are no unexpected charges. Give us a call at 254-224-5999 and schedule an inspection and let us make it “Like it never even happened.”

Document Restoration Part 3

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Documents and paper goods on shelves that were water damaged Paper goods will not often look 'new' after being restored due to the effects of water on paper fiber at a molecular level.

We wanted to compile some common Q&A to give you some more insight into our Document Restoration services.

What kind of documents are you able to restore?

Documents we restore include, but are not limited to: photos, photo albums, yearbooks, legal documents, and books. Depending on the paper used, some documents will fuse together.

Will my book will be returned ‘good as new’ after it is dried?

Due to the effects of water on paper fibers at a molecular level, we cannot return documents to looking ‘new’ but can dry them to allow possible use or digitization afterwards. Loose leaf documents will be returned in the same order as we received them.

Will I have to ship my documents to you? How safe will they be?

We will inventory package your documents on location, arrange shipping regardless of size and can pick up anywhere in the U.S. We will pick up and transport all documents in a secure vehicle with cold storage capability to freeze documents and stabilize them to prevent further damage. Once they arrive at SERVPRO® Corporate we can begin the restoration process immediately by vacuum freeze drying or placed in cold storage until processed.

How long will this take?

The timeframe from beginning to the return of your documents will take approximately 30-60 days. The processing time will depend on the quantity of documents or goods being restored, services being completed and the damage sustained to documents.

For more information on our document restoration services, give us a call at 254-224-5999.

Document Restoration Part 1

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

Wet Bible and documents on a shelf We can dry and disinfect damaged books such as this Bible that became water damaged.

Here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco, we take pride in providing our clients with restoration services for the home and place of business. A service we provide which you may not be aware of is our document restoration services. Though many individuals are now opting for electronically stored documentation, there are instances that after water damage, there are documents, photos and other paper products that need restoration.

One of the processes used to remove moisture from documents that we utilize is vacuum freeze drying. In this process, an item that contains moisture is frozen and dried using various vacuums and pressures. The purpose of this is to achieve sublimation, which is the conversion of a solid into a gas without going through the liquid stage. An example of this would be how dry ice turns into a gas without creating a puddle. Freeze drying is the most efficient and effective way to salvage water damaged documents, and is approved by the National Archives and Records Administration and General Services Administration. Using a process like dehumidification would alter the structure of the paper’s fiber and leave it brittle, which is not recommended at all.

We also offer digitization of documents, which is when an original document is scanned and converted into an electronic form. This allows it to be easily stored, shared and eliminates paper file storage rooms. The ability to access specific records at a click of a button increases efficiency and is becoming standard practice in most industries.

Continue reading at Document Restoration Part 2.

Commercial Loss? We Can Handle It.

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

This indoor pool facility was dried down and ready for rebuild when we were through with it.

Central Texas has had its share of rain and we have stayed busy with many residential calls due to unexpected flooding and water damage. But did you know we are also equipped and staffed for the needs of a commercial loss as well?

We were recently called to a multi-unit commercial building that had suffered severe water damage due to recent storms. Of the 6 units that were damaged, 2 of the businesses were able to resume normal operations as we began the restoration process. We were able to remove wet and damaged material and replace insulation and ensure that the building was thoroughly dry.

SERVPRO® of Greater Waco understands that the needs of running a business remain even when faced with a water loss. Our technicians work quickly to assess the damage in your building so that restoration may begin as soon as possible. We want you to be able to resume your day to day company routine with as little interruption as possible while also working within your budget and alongside your insurance company.

Call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco 24/7 for more information or to schedule an appointment: (254) 224-5999.

Need remediation for your business?

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

An example of air movers and dehumidifiers used in our water damage restoration jobs.

When faced with water or fire damage in your place of business, we understand that the safety of your clients and employees are a top priority. There are risks that arise from a water or fire event that if improperly cleaned or remediated could result in significant further damage.  For example, after a water event there could be the hazard potential for slips or falls and if the water remains standing for long periods it could develop smells, begin to grow mold, and can deteriorate any flooring into an unsalvageable state. 

Fire events have their own risks including ‘fire soot’ that contains chemicals like formaldehyde (used in embalming).  Fire Soot is extremely acidic and if these soot chemicals remain on your business’ walls, ceilings, air ducts, furniture, and vents of your structure they can begin to permanently affect them. Here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco we work hard for you to restore your structure to its preloss state. We are available to help you bypass any restoration project planning and reduce the overall cost that is required to restore your building back to its preloss state.  A timely response can also decrease the exposure duration to unhealthy conditions that could cause sickness to anyone who enters the premise.  Make sure to call SERVPRO® of Greater Waco at (254)-224-5999 if your business is affected by a fire or water damage.

Mold 101

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

A closeup view of mold growing in a corner on walls. Here's an example of multiple types of growth that was found behind the cabinets in a Waco area home.

With the popularity of home improvement shows such as Fixer Upper and Property Brothers it is now commonplace to hear concerns over the horrors of ‘toxic black mold.’ Though the worry is not unfounded, they are often littered with misconceptions regarding mold. Here at SERVPRO® of Greater Waco we know that only by educating ourselves as much as possible about a problem can we better equipped in resolving it.

It’s important to understand that mold itself isn’t toxic, it is the mycotoxins released by certain molds that are harmful. Some of the culprits that release mycotoxins include: Stachybotrys or “black mold” (a.k.a. stachybotrys chartarum, stachybotrys atra) and species of aspergillus including aspergillus niger, aspergillus flavus, aspergillus fumigatus. For more information check out which goes into some more detail about these species of mold.

Exposure to mold can go undetected but can show up as allergy symptoms such as sneezing, sore eyes, runny nose and nasal congestion that improve when you leave the building. Mold is found everywhere because it can grow on almost any surface as long as the temperature, food source and moisture meet its needs (check out our photo gallery HERE for some good examples of what mold looks like in buildings). In a recent mold inspection of a home in Waco, Tx, it was discovered that the structure contained over 20 types of molds including stachybodrys.

If you suspect that mold of any type is growing in your home or business do not hesitate to call us at (254) 224-5999 to schedule an inspection. An incomplete mold remediation could spread out the mold and lead to more mold growth so we ask that you practice caution if you decide to undertake the project yourself. Read more about what the CDC suggests regarding mold cleanup HERE.

Do you ever think of the plumbing in your business?

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

This commercial building water heater corroded inside until the tank began to leak. The Waco area business called SERVPRO of Greater Waco to help.

Cracked water mains or broken pipes can be a major plumbing issue for a business owner. Plumbing problems can add a great deal of stress and anxiety to an owner. Proper and effective management can aid in lowering the chance of a plumbing disaster.

  • Preventative maintenance: Preventative maintenance is essential to protecting your property, employees and customers. Have a routine in place to inspect your plumbing on a fairly regular basis. At the very least, do a yearly full inspection of all of your plumbing.
  • Fix small problems to prevent large ones: The reason preventative maintenance is important is addressing minor issues as you find them after inspection. A plumbing issue can possibly lead to lost business, so fixing problems when they are found is essential.
  • Have a reliable vendor: Find a trusted and reliable plumbing company in your area. There are many avenues you can take in order to find a reliable plumbing specialist. Find one that you are comfortable with and see yourself doing business with for years to come.

Plumbing problems can be a major headache so taking the time to detect and fix problems is very important to keep your business up and running. SERVPRO of Greater Waco is here to help if a plumbing catastrophe does affect your business, but we also want businesses in our community to be safe and free of issues that can be prevented. If SERVPRO of Greater Waco can be of any service to your business, give us a call at 254-224-5999, we will be glad to help.

Restoring Your Waco Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

The attic of a Waco commercial property which suffered a water loss. SERVPRO of Greater Waco responded and was able to get the business back open.

Flooding and water damage events in Waco commercial properties are often challenging with countless issues that require a knowledgeable trained expertise and a timely response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup or a large-scale event, we work as fast as possible to deal with the situation and make it like never even happened. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility. Restoring commercial properties offer many challenges so as trained professionals, we understand the legal and environmental concerns you may have and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budget. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. We are trained to arrive with all the necessary equipment needed for the job and at a fast pace. Give us a call when your next emergency arises! About SERVPRO of Greater Waco: SERVPRO of Greater Waco specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to multiple IICRC-industry certifications, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property like it never even happened!

Does your business need SERVPRO of Greater Waco?

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

air movers in a commercial building This commercial loss in a Waco building was more complex than it seemed. Several floors, along with the attic were affected from this pipe break.

Have you mentioned to your neighbor how unpredictable Texas weather is these days? It’s hot then cold, there’s a drought or it floods. No matter, you check the weather, adjust your wardrobe accordingly and continue about your day. But the weather brings about changes in the world around you, some that cannot be easily detected. Small, insignificant damage can be occurring in the materials surrounding you in your business and can become a much larger issue to your office when coupled with a water or fire loss. That’s why you call SERVPRO of Greater Waco. As stressful as these situations are, you can rest assured that SERVPRO of Greater Waco is here to assist you through it. Our technicians are specially trained and certified in water damage restoration of structure, flooring and upholstery. We are equipped to clean and dry your place of business as quickly as possible so that you may continue on "Like it never even happened." We strive in keeping our clients updated through the entire restoration process while ensuring we use every means necessary to salvaging all items that may have become wet. SERVPRO of Greater Waco technicians are on call 24 hours to respond to your emergency and provide you the with specialized water cleanup and restoration services to get your business up and running as soon as possible. Give SERVPRO of Greater Waco a call today at 254-224-5999.

Emergency Ready Profile (ERP)

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Preparation is vital for your business to survive any type of disaster. The disaster may be a large fire, a seemingly harmless water leak, or a flood due to a hurricane. The ideal time to prepare for such a traumatic event is long before the event occurs.

According to the latest research, as many as 50% of businesses may never recover after suffering a disaster. Of those that do survive, the vast majority of them have a plan in place in order to react to a disaster with timeliness and effectiveness.

At SERVPRO of Greater Waco, we can develop an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) for your business. Knowing what to do and what to expect before an unforeseen disaster hits is essential to help minimize damage to your property and allow you to continue doing business with as little interruption as possible. The ERP is a tool that provides critical information to you or your key employees to begin mitigation and recovery for your business. Ask SERVPRO of Greater Waco how you can take advantage of this service at no cost so that you will be able to have a plan prepared to quickly get your business back on track.

Feel Free to give us a call at (254)-224-5999 to schedule your free ERP consultation.

Restoring Your Woodway Property After a Commercial Water Damage Event

6/15/2018 (Permalink)

We have access to the right amount of equipment for your loss, no matter its size. SERVPRO® of Greater Waco is your Woodway commercial loss partner.

Flooding and water damage events can occur anywhere in Woodway. Commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large-scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So, when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO® of Greater Waco

SERVPRO® of Greater Waco specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO®’s corporate training facility to obtaining several regular IICRC-industry certifications.  Our staff holds the Commercial Drying Specialist designation through the IICRC, which lets you rest assured our staff is equipped with the proper knowledge to restore your property fast and efficient.

See all of our IICRC certifications held by our franchise Here.